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Coreograph is a low-code platform for developing cloud application backends on Amazon Web Services.

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Why choose our low-code platform

A drag-and-drop interface for creating, maintaining, and deploying your application.

Work Faster

Developing cloud applications can be daunting and time-consuming. Let Coreograph help you cut through the complexity. Use our drag-and-drop visual interface to create, maintain and deploy your backend. Leverage our growing library of well-architected components to radically shorten development time.

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Tools for making effective design tradeoffs and optimizing cloud expenses.

Control Costs

Cloud service bills can be a challenge. Coreograph gives you the tools you need to make effective design tradeoffs and bring your cloud expenses under control. Our visual logic and workflow tools offer transparency and performance, making it an efficient and budget-friendly option for your business.

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Build with freedom.

Stay Flexible

Don't be held back by your choice of low-code platform. With Coreograph, you have the freedom to build on your terms, without being locked into our platform. Use as much or as little as you like, migrate just one API or your entire application, and enjoy our royalty-free use license for unlimited deployment in development, testing, and production.

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Transform the way you work
in four stages

Coreograph gives you all the pieces you need to quickly build up your backend, and keep track of everything in the cloud.

  • Our generators and library provide you the components you need to quickly put together your application.
  • This gives you complete control of your cloud architecture, and lets you focus on high-level structure and resources.

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