Optimize cloud costs while achieving your desired performance.

Control costs

Explore architectural trade-offs

When designing a cloud backend, there are multiple factors to consider that will affect the performance and cost of your application. For example, should you choose EC2, Lambda, or Fargate as your compute model? What scaling strategy should you use to ensure that your backend will be performant but not blow up costs as your number of users grows?

Coreograph enables you to quickly switch between different architectural choices so you can evaluate the trade-offs of each and see which provides the best balance for your specific use case.

Explore trade-offs

Leverage Coreograph's well-architected components

We have been heavily invested in building reusable cloud components and architectures that are highly-performant, cost-efficient, and scalable. You can start building with our pieces and fine-tune them to meet your needs.

Coreograph is an AWS Advanced Technology partner and our platform follows the AWS Well-Architected framework, which is built around six pillars including performance efficiency and cost optimization. Our team continues to iterate on our existing work and find ways to minimize costs and maximize performance of cloud backends.

Well-architected components

Build and deploy without any hidden fees

Our transparent pricing model means that we don't charge any hidden usage-based fees; you'll only pay us a subscription fee based on your plan, and billing for the costs of your cloud resources will be done directly by AWS.

This allows you to see all your cloud costs in one place and take advantage of AWS tools to evaluate spending, estimate charges, consolidate billing across multiple AWS accounts, and more.

Transparent pricing