Build on your own terms without being locked in.

Build on your own terms

Integrate with third-party APIs and libraries

Although low-code is known for its speed of development, it can be frustrating to work within its limitations. However, integrating low-code with other programming languages can greatly expand the possibilities and potential for building applications that are both quick and efficient.

Work in our native dataflow language for more detailed control of the Coreograph environment while also integating with C, C++, Python, Javascript, or Rust to make use of pre-existing source code or powerful libraries for AI, image processing, cryptography, and beyond.

Coreograph’s intuitive UI makes setting up these integrations a breeze. You can quickly and easily connect your services with third-party APIs and libraries.

Third-party integration

Migrate on your own terms

Migration can unlock new business opportunities through lift-and-shift cloud migration. However, the real gain lies in the cloud strategy. Attempting to do everything at once can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on identifying the most impactful elements for optimal results.

With Coreograph, you have the empowering ability to migrate incrementally, one API at a time. Select the most beneficial migration path for your business. As a decision-maker, you have the freedom to choose what to move, where to move it, and when.


Royalty-free license

A subscription to Coreograph allows you to use the Coreograph platform to develop, maintain, and monitor your cloud application. It also gives you a royalty-free use license to deploy your applications as you wish.

Royalty-free license